Kristofer Kauff


Coming Soon

"Bad Actor"
Music and Lyrics by Tom Swafford
In Development

After a very successful workshop performance at "The Tank NYC", Bad Actor is now in further development to fine-tune this unique and timely production.

An actor in a status quo musical rebels and derails the production. Bad Actor combines catchy tunes,  improvisation, experimental music, and plenty of humor, in an attempt to get to the roots of the deep divisions we face in this country, not just between social groups but within them as well, and to address the dangers of the “Us vs. Them” attitude so prevalent in today’s world.  

Actor Training

Kristofer is the Artistic Director of Studio A, located in Orlando, FL., an acting studio providing classes and workshops focused on developing  the actors individual, unique strengths with relevant, honest, and constructive critique and coaching. 

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