Kristofer Kauff

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World Premiere of   "Bad Actor"

By Tom Sawfford 


Fall 2017

When an upbeat, feel-good musical production turns dark and menacing, one cast member attempts to derail the show by going off script and leading an insurrection. 

A one act musical comedy that incorporates theatrical and musical improvisation to ask questions about  groups vs. individuals and insiders vs. outsiders. ​

East Coast Premiere of  "RESET"

By Samantha Macher

Washington, D.C.

Fall 2017

This is a story about two damaged robots waiting to be rescued.

It's also a story about humanity, like all good science fiction is. Reset takes a hard look at what it means to be human in a not too distant future where machines can have feelings and dreams, just like us. In the tradition of Golden Age sf (with more than a little Samuel Beckett mixed in), borne out of a world on the edge and attempts to reconcile the horrors of reality with philosophies about ideals, Reset offers a Socratic dialogue for the modern age.

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