Kristofer Kauff 


"Every actor has their own strengths and unique abilities. It is my goal to pull out those strengths and develop them. From the audition to the final performance, my actors will be ready for anything that is thrown at them. It doesn’t matter if you are training for your professional career, college auditions, or just to gain confidence in yourself. Every road is different and that’s what makes every performers story so interesting."


"Kristofer's acting workshops taught me valuable skills to develop characters, convey believable emotions, listen and react to scene partners. After two workshops with Kristofer I've been cast in three plays and am looking forward to auditioning rather than dreding the prospect. And the workshops are fun! Kristofer is not only a very talented professional, he knows how to share his knowledge and experience with novice and experienced actors. "

- Yvonne P. 

"Kris is an experienced director and actor who brings that experience into the classroom.  His insights have helped me improve my audition and performance process, giving me greater confidence and ability.  Highly recommend!" - Brian L.

"Kris is one of the best directors my son has ever had the honor of working with. He brought back a love for theatre to my son who was about to give it all up because of a bad experience. Kris is very professional but also very compassionate and knows how to reach his actors. A wonderful director and mentor." - Maria R.

“Kris helped me discover the actress I always knew I could be. He was the most amazing coach I have ever had. He is passionate about what he does and because of his passion and patience I now have the confidence to go out and try anything. I am no longer afraid to take risks as an actress. Kris not only took the time to share his wisdom about the art of acting but also was real enough with me to tell me the truth and not just say what I wanted to hear which really helped me grow tremendously as an actress. Kris started out as my acting coach but became much more than that…he became my friend. He honestly changed my thinking from “I want to become a successful actress” to “I will become a successful actress.” Kris has become such an impactful force behind my life as an actress. Thank you Kris.” - Cassy C.

"Kris was was extremely hard working, understanding and caring. He has a great work ethic and supported me even down to the smallest of projects. I am glad to have worked with him. " - Kristen R. 

“Kris, in a time span of two hours, took my monologue to new heights and gave expert insight into character analysis, physicality, and delivery. He is extremely patient, honest, friendly, and knowledgeable about what directors want to see from an audition. He truly wants to see his students succeed and stand out making unique, realistic choices. After working with him, taking his critiques, and perfecting my monologue, I felt well-prepared and came out of my audition with no regrets and truly believe I gave the best performance I could possible give.” - Jamie J.W.

"My first foray back into acting after a long break was Kris's scene study class in Washington, DC, and I'm so glad that was how I got back in.  I took several more classes from Kris as well as private coaching, and continue to work with him.  He's warm, energetic, and passionate about what he does!  He always manages to be positive, even when he wants you to change something.  He works with you to help you discover for yourself what will work best rather than just telling you what to do." - Diane S.
"Kris has been an excellent teacher, he has really given me so many tools and taught me many effective ways to improve as an actor. I have gained a tremendous amount of experience and learned so much in just 4 lessons. Couldn't be happier." - Matt C.

"Kris instructed my son. He was the first person to recognize my son's talents. Kris honed his skills in an enjoyable and effective way. My son, wife and I all love Kris personally + professionally, and have for years." Brad S.

"He has so much knowledge to offer and knows exactly which points to highlight. He also does a great job at tailoring the lesson to the individual person or group that he is teaching. Every group has different abilities and strengths. Kris knows how to use these and bring out the best in his students. Because of this, they not only discover new things about themselves, but also gain confidence in their abilities." - Clarissa B.

"Kris is an incredible acting instructor! He truly took our program to a new level. He connects extremely well with students and knows how to tailor his approach to meet individual needs. All of the acting scenes and musical theatre productions in our final showcases were very well done, and this was challenging with the wide range of talent that Kris had to work with. His energy is infectious, and both staff and campers truly embraced him. " - Candy C. 











It’s time for a new perspective to help you reach the next level. This six-week workshop is focused on developing your ability to constantly achieve a natural and realistic performance. The Director's Perspective covers everything from perfecting your audition, to your approach in the rehearsal room to your final performance.  Discover what directors are really saying when we ask for adjustments in auditions and rehearsals.  Every actor has their own strength;  Learn how to use what makes you individually unique.  


Monologues, Auditioning, Cold-Reads, Improv, Stage Combat, Commercials, Scene Study, Movement, etc... Every week focus on something new in the Power Hour Acting Class.  Just like the life of an actor, you never know what you are going to walk in to from week to week. This is the ultimate workout that every actor should be doing.  Stretch your acting muscles and become a more versatile and "at the ready" actor. 


​No matter where you are as an actor, this class will strengthen your confidence and abilities.  This is not a typical “Scene Study” class, together we will develop your skills, build your knowledge of the business, and prepare you for whatever may be thrown at you.  You will be part of the development of all scenes and learn exactly what directors are looking for when casting and rehearsing. All of this is done in a fun, professional, and caring environment.  Begin to work on your strengths, and learn how to use them to your advantage.  



We will work together to help you personalize and connected to any audition material you prepare. Yes, you can sing but casting directors are looking for much more than a good voice. Come prepared with an audition song, monologue, and ready to cold-read a scene. Receive honest and direct feedback meant for each individual to help you conquer each and every audition.